About Science:

Science stream could be referred to as a well-organized study and research study of natural occurrences by theoretical definition and observation alongside experimentation. Science is a vast career and inter-related to almost every field that our eyes can see or cannot see. Studying science is important because it gives knowledge of natural phenomena. The main aim of science is to encourage our curiosity in finding out why things happen in the way we do. There are a lot of fields in science to choose from. So, the importance of science features amongst the intellectuals regardless of the field they belong to. As per general trend, most students choose science as a career because of the large number of opportunities in the field. However, science is a complex and sophisticated field and requires excellent critical thinking and reasoning ability. Science has been one of the most popular streams of study amongst students in 11th and 12th for reasons such as these:
It is the stream leading up to popular careers such as Engineering and Medicine
Science students can pursue further studies in Pure Sciences or Applied Sciences at Postgraduate levels.
There are several professional careers that require Science at 10+2 level, for example, a career as a Commercial Pilot.

Eligibility Criteria:

One of the benefits that Science students have over Arts and Commerce students is that they are eligible for almost all Science and non-Science career options.
Science courses can be pursued at all – UG, PG and PhD levels. The eligibility criteria differ as per the course and branch chosen by a candidate. 
Candidates can pursue degree, diploma, certificate, integrated, and vocational Science courses at UG, PG, and PhD levels. Candidates can pursue these courses as full-time, part-time, distance/ correspondence, and online programs. 

Popular Entrance Exams:

IIT Joint Admission Test (IIT JAM)
Indian Council of Agricultural Research All India Entrance Examination (ICAR AIEEA)
National Entrance Screening Test (NEST)
Joint Entrance Screening Test (JEST)
Maharashtra Council of Agriculture Education and Research Common Entrance Test (MCAER CET)
Uttar Pradesh Combined Agriculture and Technology Entrance Test (UPCATET)



Undergraduate Science Courses (UGC)

B.A.S - Applied Science (Hons) Electronics
B.A.S - Applied Science (Hons) Instrumentation
B.D.S - Dental Science
B.E.S - Bachelor of Electronic Science
B.Ed - Biological Science
B.Ed - Science
B.F.S - Fishery Science
B.Sc - Agriculture Chemistry & Soil Science
B.Sc - Allied Health Science
B.Sc - Animal Science
B.Sc - Applied Life Science (Sericulture)
B.Sc - Applied Science
B.Sc - Applied Science (Computer Technology)
B.Sc - Computer Science
B.Sc - Computer Science (Hons)
B.Sc - Electronic Science
B.Sc - Family & Community Science
B.Sc - Fishery Science
B.Sc - Food Science & Quality
B.Sc - Food Science & Quality Control
B.Sc - Food Science & Technology
B.Sc - Forestry & Wood Science
B.Sc - Geo-Science
B.Sc - Life Sciences
B.Sc - Mathematical Science
B.Sc - Nautical Science
B.Sc - Plant Science & Plant Biotechnology
B.Sc - Polymer Science (Hons)
B.Sc - Poultry Science
B.Sc - Seed Science & Technology
B.Tech - Engineering Science
B.V.Sc - Fishery Science
B.V.Sc - Poultry Science


Postgraduate(PG) Science Courses:

M.B.A - Nanotechnology
M.B.S - Business Science
M.Ed - Science Education
M.F.Sc - Fishery Science
M.H.Sc - Clinical Child Development
M.Phil - Computer Science
M.Phil - Crystal Science
M.Phil - Earth Science
M.Phil - Fisheries Science
M.Phil - Sports Science
M.S - Computer Science
M.S - Science And Humanities
M.Sc - Agricultural Chemistry & Soil Science
M.Sc - Agronomy
M.Sc - Agrostology
M.Sc - Animal Biotechnology
M.Sc - Animal Science
M.Sc - Applied Science (Data Communication & Network)
M.Sc - Bio-Technology (Agri.)
M.Sc - Bioenergy
M.Sc - Biometrics
M.Sc - Computer Science
M.Sc - Computer Science & Technology
M.Sc - Computer Science & Technology (Integrated)
M.Sc - Computer Science (Integrated)
M.Sc - Crop Production
M.Sc - Dairy Science
M.Sc - Earth Science
M.Sc - Entomology
M.Sc - Farm Power And Machinery
M.Sc - Fishery Science
M.Sc - Floriculture And Medicinal Crops
M.Sc - Food Science & Technology
M.Sc - Fruit Science
M.Sc - Geological Science
M.Sc - Geosciences (Integrated)
M.Sc - Herbal Sciences
M.Sc - Horticulture
M.Sc - Industrial Biotechnology
M.Sc - Irrigation
M.Sc - Life Science (Integrated)
M.Sc - Life Sciences
M.Sc - Limnology & Fisheries Sciences
M.Sc - Marine Science
M.Sc - Materials Science
M.Sc - Nano Materials & Technology
M.Sc - Nano Science
M.Sc - Nanoscience & Technology
M.Sc - NeuroScience
M.Sc - Plant Science
M.Sc - Polymer Science
M.Sc - Rehabilitation Science
M.Sc - Resistance Breeding And Cytogenetics
M.Sc - Seed Science And Technology
M.Sc - Sericulture
M.Sc - Service Industry Management
M.Sc - Software Science (Integrated)
M.Sc - Soil Science And Agricultural Chemistry
M.Sc - Vegetable Science
M.Sc - Weed Science And Ecology

Doctorate Science Courses:

M.D - Biophysics
Ph.D - Agricultural Marketing & Price Analysis
Ph.D - Agrostology
Ph.D - All Science & Humanities Subjects
Ph.D - Animal Science
Ph.D - Applied Sciences
Ph.D - Bio-Physics
Ph.D - Biometrics
Ph.D - Computer Science
Ph.D - Computer Science And Engineering
Ph.D - Crop Production
Ph.D - Earth Science
Ph.D - Electronic Science
Ph.D - Fishery Science
Ph.D - Health Science
Ph.D - Irrigation
Ph.D - Life Science
Ph.D - Mathematical And Computational Sciences
Ph.D - Plant Science
Ph.D - Polymer Science & Technology
Ph.D - Post Harvest Technology
Ph.D - Resistance Breeding And Cytogenetics
Ph.D - Science And Humanities
Ph.D - Science And Humanities
Ph.D - Vegetable Seed Production Technology
Ph.D - Veterinary Science
Ph.D - Veterinary And Animal Science
Ph.D - Weed Science And Agro Ecology

Salary Options:
Science Courses offer good salary options also. Very diversified salaries can be obtained depending on the post, industry and company. One can expect the range of starting salaries as Rs.15000 to Rs.50000.Many institutes offer better placements to their students. When one gets experience and becomes senior in the system he or she can expect very lucrative salary packages with many other benefits also.

Top Companies that hire Science Graduates:

HCL Technologies
L&T Infotech
Reliance Industries Limited
SRF Limited
Gujarat Fluorochemicals
Gharda Chemicals
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

Career Prospects:
There are a wide variety of career prospects for students in both Science and non-Science areas. Job/ career prospects in the field of Science, however, depend on the course and specialisation of a candidate. For instance, a student with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Physics can build his/her career in the fields of space & astronomy, healthcare, meteorology & geophysics, and so on. On the other hand, a student with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Chemistry can choose to become a chemical engineer, analytical chemist, forensic scientist, nanotechnologist, biotechnologist, etc

Entrance Exam - Science
Exam Name Grade Level Exam Date
GNDU CET UG 4th July 2022
ISI UG/PG 8th May 2022
IIT JAM PG 12th February 2023
CSIR-UGC-JRF PG 16th July 2020
NEST UG/PG 18th July 2022
CUCET UG/PG 21st May 2023
ISI Admission Test UG/PG 8th May 2022
IISER Aptitude Test (IAT) UG/PG 17th June 2023
Entrance Exam - Science
Exam Name Grade Level Exam Date
PUCET UG/PG 19th July 2022
Entrance Exam - Science
Exam Name Grade Level Exam Date
TMISAT UG/PG 30th June 2022