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The mission of ‘’ is We believe to provide students, parents, teachers and all other interested segments of the society with the most authentic, precise and up-to-date information about education & careers in India and Abroad, authentic educational updates and career counselling, thereby empowering them to make wiser decisions.

We believe that every student can be successful with the right guidance, and we are glad to provide you with that assistance. Though the Internet as an option is available to nearly to all the students, it is tedious to keep tabs on all educational updates and information. In the need to bridge this gap, we introduced, a one-stop solution for students.

As the vision of the Organization is-
 We aim to transform the current educational scenario and to empower students to reach their maximum potential and make lifelong, responsible and meaningful career choices in a global and dynamic world.

VidyarthiMitra makes finding the suitable Colleges/Institute to enrol in and the ways to get in through easier for an Aspirant, One just need to check what stream he/she wants to enrol in and VidyarthiMitra provides all the required information such as Minimum cutoffs, Competitive Exams to prepare for, Infrastructure report, Placement Records, Alumni Records, Fees and much more.
At Business VidyarthiMitra is a Classifieds for Educational Institutions where colleges can list themselves for free and by meeting our Criteria of required and relevant information.

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Students and young people, in general, are known to be quite an elusive group to target.
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As we are India’s leading & Maharashtra’s No. 1 educational web portal, we have dedicated domain, dedicated content and dedicated viewers. Our targeted audience is students or we can say mostly youth who are quite engaged with the online industry.

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