MS Office & Internet

MS Office & Internet

Stream Short Term Courses
Course Type Certificate Course
Duration and 2Months

The Microsoft Office and Internet is an essential collection of desktop applications that includes Word for documents, Excel for spreadsheets, PowerPoint for presentations, Internet and much more to provide an opportunity for computer education to work any kind of office automation.

Course Curriculum

Basic Computer Concepts Introduction(What is a Computer, Software and Hardware) MS-Word- Introduction to MSWord, Working with Documents, Converting files to different formats, Editing text documents, Setting Font Styles, Setting Paragraph style, Setting Page Style, Creating Tables, Drawing, Tools. MS Excel- Introduction, Working with Spreadsheets, Spreadsheet addressing, Entering and Editing Data, Entering Data, Cut, Copy, paste, Undo, Redo, Find, Search & Replace Filling continuous rows, columns, Inserting - Data, cells, column, rows & sheets Manual breaks, Computing data, Setting Formula, Finding total in a column or row, Mathematical operations (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Exponentiation), Using other Formulas, Formatting Spreadsheets, Formatting – Cell, row, column & Sheet, Alignment, Font, Border &shading, Highlighting values, Hiding/Locking Cells, Sheet, Security, Formatting – worksheet, Sheet Formatting & style - background, color , Borders & shading, Anchoring objects, Formatting layout for Graphics, Clipart etc., Working with sheets, Sorting, Filtering, Validation, Consolidation, Subtotal, Creating Charts, Selecting charts, Formatting charts, label, scaling etc., Using Tools, Error Checking, Spell Checks, Macros, Formula Auditing, Creating & using Templates), Printing worksheet MS Access- Introduction, Database concepts, Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports) Opening & Saving database files, Creating Tables, Table Design, Indexing, Entering data, importing data, Creating Queries, SQL statements, setting relationship, Using wizards, Creating Forms, (GUI, Form), Creating & printing reports Internet- Navigation, Email, search engines, Blogs, Social Networks, Email and more fun on the Internet

Minimum qualification : 10th pass required for admission