Core Java

Core Java

Stream Short Term Courses
Course Type Certificate Course
Duration and 2Months

In this course, one learns and practices essential computer science concepts & OOPs features using the Java programming language. Learner enhances basic programming concepts and testing skills by solving real- world problems faced by software engineers. This course provides as an aid to student of B.E/B. Tech.

Course Curriculum

Explaining Java Technology Java Token & Keywords, Integers types, Floating point types, The JAVA class libraries, Declaring a variable, Analysing a Problem and Designing a Solution using object-oriented analysis, Developing and Testing a Java Technology Program, Declaring, Initializing, and Using Variables, The scope and lifetime of variable. Type conversion and casting. Arrays: One-dimensional arrays, Multidimensional arrays. Alternative array declaration syntax. Creating and Using Objects Class fundamentals. Declaring objects. Assigning object reference variables, Introducing methods. Overloading constructors, Using objects as parameters, Arguments passing, Returning objects, this keyword. Using Operators and Decision Constructs: Arithmetic operations, The Bitwise operators, Relational operators, Boolean logical operators, The assignment operator, The ? Operator, Operator precedence Using Loop Constructs, Arrays. Packages and Interfaces: Packages: Defining a package, Understanding class path, Importing Packages. Interfaces: Defining an Interface, Implementing interfaces, Applying Interfaces, Variable in interfaces. Exception handling Exception handling fundamentals. Exception types. Uncaught exceptions. Using try and catch JAVA's build-in exceptions. User defined exception subclasses I/O, Applets and Other Topics, I/O Basics: Streams, The stream classes, The predefined streams, Reading console input, Writing console output, Reading and writing files. Applet fundamentals. The transient and volatile modifiers, Using instance of native methods.

  • Minimum qualification: 10+2 pass required for admission
  • This course provides as an aid to student of B.E/B. Tech.