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Course levelPostgraduate-PG
Admission Details:

Admission Open for work integrated Degree & Diploma Delhi

The PG Diploma in HR & Administration will be conducted over a period of one year and will cover 300 hours of classroom training (20 credits) and 600 hours (20 credits) of on the job training.


The diploma shall consist of two-three core courses covering the generic HR subjects and other two courses covering the Administrative subjects.

Main Concepts:

Recruitment and Induction


Performance Management (Performance Appraisal)

Office Administration

Course Title:  Recruitment and Induction

Credits: 4

Total Credit Hours: 60

Introduction and Course Objectives:  The recruitment function is one of the most important functions in the process of organisation building. Along with recruitment, it come Induction; both are the core functions of HR.

Main Concepts: 

Basics Of Recruitment

Basics of Induction

Job Description & Job Specification

Campus Recruitment

Induction process


Learning Objectives:

Broad understanding of recruitment function in organisations

Write an appropriate Job description & Job specification

Plan the process of recruitment based on the need

Carry out joining formalities & induction process

Course Content:

Introduction to Recruitment Function

Brief on the staffing Industry

Resume shortlisting

Recruitment Software/Platforms

Selection Process

Walk-in Recruitment

Head Hunting

Overview on 'Assessment Centre'

Induction timetable

Preparing Offer Letter

Joining Formalities

Induction Process

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