IIM(Indore) admission for (PGPMX-MUMBAI)

IIM(Indore) admission for (PGPMX-MUMBAI)

IIM(Indore) admission for (PGPMX-MUMBAI)

IIM(Indore) admission for (PGPMX-MUMBAI)

Course levelPostgraduate-PG
Admission Details:

Accredited by Association of MBAs, London (AMBA—UK based accreditation agency) the Post Graduate Programme in Management Mumbai (PGP- Mumbai) at IIM Indore Mumbai 

Campus is a two-year, full-time, non-residential programme. It is considered equivalent to the M.B.A. Degree. The programme aims to groom participants into competent professional managers with a capacity to learn and adapt to national and international environment,an orientation towards achieving excellence, maintaining high ethical standards and a capacity to work effectively and efficiently, both individually and in-groups.

The PGP is spread over two years, each year consisting of three terms. In between the first and second years, the participant spends eight weeks on a summer project in a business organization. The academic year begins in June/July and ends in March/April of the following year.

The PGP of IIM Indore has some special features like:

  • Experiential Learning
  • International Focus
  • Information Technology Orientation
  • Social Sensitivity

To produce contextually relevant, socially-conscious managers with exposure to word class management education.

Learning goals:
Learning goals of PGP are aligned with the mission of the Institute. Specific learning goals of the PGP programme are as follows.

PGP Programme will:
Goal 1: Enable students to understand relevance of context in business
Goal 2: Develop social consciousness
Goal 3: Develop critical thinking skills
Goal 4: Inculcate integrative thinking ability
Goal 5: Promote interpersonal awareness and ability to work in groups
Goal 6: Enable students to learn how to apply the basic principles of communication in order to write effective business messages, case analysis and reports.
Goal 7: Develop competence in quantitative analysis
Goal 8: Prepare business leaders with a sound understanding of ethics


IIM Indore uses a combination of various teaching methods such as cases, projects, computer aided instructions, group discussions, lectures, seminars, presentations by participants and lectures by guest speakers from industry and government. The case method is the predominant pedagogical tool. This sharpens the analytical skills of participants and helps analyze problems from multi-functional perspectives. Instructors mainly guide the group, push participants to develop and defend arguments and take decisions.

Programme Fee (Under revision)

The course fee for resident Indians (for two years) is Rs. 15,00,000/- (Rupees Fifteen Lacs only) and for NRIs would be Rs.19,50,000/- (Rupees Nineteen lakhs and fifty thousand only). The course fee includes limited study material. Course fee does not include cost of textbooks. Being a non-residential course, the course fee does not include accommodation expenses.


The Post Graduate Programme lasts six trimesters, spread over two years, with a summer project in between the two years. This eight-week summer project is an opportunity for participants to put their ideas and skills in to work, in established and reputed companies from various sectors.

The first year participants are given the fundamental knowledge, analytical skills & techniques, contextual understanding, environmental awareness and overall perspective, which will serve as the bedrock for the programme. The areas covered are Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Quantitative Methods, Operations, Economics, and Strategy.

In the second year electives give participants a deeper understanding of different functional areas and enable them to specialize in areas of their choice. The participants are encouraged to select courses in specific domains such as Analytics, e-commerce/IT/ITES, BFS, FMCG, Insurance and Infrastructure. The emphasis is on the application of knowledge gained, in the form of projects, group exercises and case discussions. Guest lectures and workshops further enrich their learning.

Additional Information:

  1. Admission Process: From the 2015-17 batch, admission process for PGP IIM Indore and PGP IIM Indore Mumbai Campus is completely aligned.
  2. Academic Curriculum: Curriculum of PGP IIM Indore and PGP IIM Indore Mumbai Campus is exactly the same.
  3. Placement: Final Placement of PGP IIM Indore and PGP IIM Indore Mumbai is integrated. Students from PGP IIM Indore Mumbai Campus spend their 6th Term (Dec – March) in Indore, undertaking courses jointly with their Indore Campus counterparts and simultaneously taking part in the Lateral/Final Placements. The summer internship, of PGP IIM Indore Mumbai Campus, between the first and the second year is managed by Placecom (Mumbai) under active supervision and guidance from Placement Office Indore.
  4. Degree/Diploma: As per decision of the BoG, with effect from 2015-17 batch, students completing PGP IIM Indore at Mumbai Campus will get the same Diploma as PGP IIM Indore. However, the grade sheet will indicate that they have studied at Mumbai Campus.