Course levelUG/PG
Admission Details:

M.Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering)

 This program is designed such that the students can complete it based on advanced coursework along with minor and a major project. The students interested to pursue a research oriented career are provided with an option to take up thesis work for a year in place of projects.

The first semester of program is aimed at laying down the foundations necessary for the computer science discipline. It gives students an opportunity to tune into the instructional philosophy and pedagogy of learning at IIIT, Vadodara. Subsequent semesters provide avenues for specializing in one or more areas of computer science such as:

(a) Computer Vision, Graphics and Multimedia

The fields of graphics, vision and imaging increasingly rely on one another. This specialization provides training in computer graphics, computer vision, geometric processing and multimedia, enabling students to specialize in any of these areas and gain a grounding in the others. 

Graduates will learn the basic mathematical principles underlying the development and application of new techniques in computer graphics and computer vision and will be aware of the range of algorithms and approaches available, and be able to design, develop and evaluate algorithms and methods for new problems, emerging technologies and applications. 

(b) Data Analytics

It is an interdisciplinary specialization designed to meet the huge manpower shortage in the area of data analytics. The specialization trains students in computational techniques and systems to draw insights from data in a variety of application domains. 

(c) Signal and Information Processing

The program has been specially designed to meet the increasing need of professionals who would be able to respond to the needs of modern day signal and data processing/analysis tasks. It is meant for students who wish to build a professional career oriented towards research and development, working at the cutting edge of technology in the area of Signal and Information Processing. The curriculum is developed keeping in view the convergence of signal and information processing paradigm with data analytics. It is a step forward towards data processing and analysis for signal processing background students.

Doctoral Program 
This is intended for students who wish to conduct, manage or interpret research in academic, industry or government settings.  This degree certifies credible completion of an approved program of advanced study in addition to a research thesis of high quality based on original research.   Program comprises of one-two semester of intensive course work followed by minimum of two-three years of research. Students are expected to demonstrate excellence in research area via quality publications in reputed journals and conferences.